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 The Marriage Debate: Do not be afraid!

                The Supreme Court will be hearing arguments from lawyers to decide whether or not the Federal government can force states to recognize homosexual couples as being a legitimate marriage. The government is on the brink of trying to go against God's natural law and redefine marriage. We as Christians cannot accept a new definition of marriage because Christ himself has described for us what marriage is in scripture, "‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’6So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” Matt. 19:5-6.

                We would not accept a new definition for mother if it were forced upon us yet this is why the current debate is so strange. Trying to redefine marriage as an agreement between two people of the same sex is as pointless as trying to redefine what makes a woman a mother, carrying a child. But the devil is very creative and very smart. One of the ways though that the enemies of Christ and scripture try to malign the definition of marriage is by comparing it to laws that were in existence that outlawed bi-racial marriages.

                This argument seems to "get" Christians the most. Most Bible believing Christians know they should defend marriage, but when it comes to this argument, many seem to have no defense. For many, they see no way around this predicament. The argument goes like this: "The government outlawed bi-racial marriages. The law forbidding bi-racial marriages was wrong. Therefore the government is wrong in defining marriage as only between a man and a woman."

                While it sounds like a good argument it is actually not a logical argument. Let's take it apart shall we?

                A: The government outlawed bi-racial marriages.

                This is true. As recent as 1967 it was illegal to marry someone of a different skin color. This was a bad law. It was wrong. The laws forbidding interracial marriage were put in place by people who wanted to change the definition of marriage. These laws were unnatural to the foundational principle of what defines marriage as being between a man and a woman. This is key! The original law, forbidding marriage between two people of differing races was not about upholding the definition of marriage, but about changing it! So in reality, it is those who want to add to the definition of marriage and include a new definition that are the enemy here. It is actually the LGBT crowd that has more in common with the racist marriage laws than those who want to define marriage as the world has done since creation.

                B: The law forbidding bi-racial marriages was wrong.

                This is also true. As pointed out in the previous paragraph, race has nothing to do with the definition of marriage. Whether one forbids inter-racial marriages or approves of them, this is beside the point when discussing the very definition of marriage in regards to gender. It is also true that Christians supported these racist laws. They did not follow the word of God in regard to marriage and they were led astray by false teachers. This is what is so important about making sure we base our understanding of marriage from scripture and not base our understanding of marriage according to whatever is in vogue at the time in society. God established marriage as between a man and a woman. No matter what society does or tries to change, God's word is truth. The definition of marriage is a natural law that pervades all societies and cannot be changed by any civil law.

                C: Therefore the government is wrong in defining marriage as only between a man and a woman.

                The conclusion drawn by many in the debate is where the disconnect takes place. Just because our government was wrong in the past doesn't mean they will be wrong every time they make a decision in regards to how they define marriage(the government can't redefine marriage, only uphold what marriage really is). You could then say, "Look it used to be illegal to marry someone of a different race and they changed that law so why can the government not change its laws in regard to who is defined as a mother and I can claim 100 dependents on my IRS form?" This seems to be the pattern of argument with the enemies of marriage. The laws in the past have erred, so the law we don't like now must also be wrong.

                This is where we as Christians must teach our children the true definition of marriage and how wonderful marriage is. This is one lesson you preach to your kids without speaking a word to them. They will think of marriage according to how you act with and treat your spouse. This is not only for your children, but also the children you interact with here at church will notice how you speak about your spouse. If we speak negatively and don't laud the estate of marriage then our children will follow our lead. St. Paul teaches us that our marriages reflect the love of Christ for the church. Our marriages should be object lessons directed to the children for how Christ deals with us!

                So in conclusion, the laws against inter-racial marriages were wrong and needed to be changed because they were contrary to the very nature of marriage. The argument being made now is the same mistake as was made when the government tried to change the definition of marriage. Do not fear being called names for standing up for marriage. Our fears are understandable because we all want to be liked by others, but Christ already tells us in John 16:33, ""I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

                No person is prohibited from getting married[1]. Marriage teaches us who God has given to us as a spouse to love, honor, cherish and serve till death do us part. God teaches us what is best for children, a mother and a father who everyday reflect the love of Christ for his church in their dealing with each other. Tell your children how great marriage is. Perhaps even tell them that being married and raising children is more rewarding than having a lot of money, better than receiving the fame and the praise of the unbelieving world. By our unwarranted fear of being disliked by the world we teach our children that we need the approval of the world more than the approval of God. Thanks be to God that in his eyes we are forgiven for all our foolish fears. We are forgiven for all the times we have not loved our spouses as we should. We are forgiven for all the times we have rebelled against God's natural law. We are forgiven for all the times we have mistreated others because of the death of his son Jesus. Christ forgives us and pledges to us his love and not even death can separate us.                  

He is Risen!

He is Risen, indeed! Alleluia!

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Ottmers




 1]If a person is a minor they need the parent's permission before they can get a marriage license, unless the women is pregnant. Each state differs on some of the details/exceptions.