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These are mostly light reading that any Christian will benefit from. If you are a Lutheran, or you just want to support a great publishing house, Concordia Publishing House supplies many of these books. CPH does a fine job in promoting Lutheran doctrine, they are active in their community, and when a pastor or church loses it's library or hymnals to a disaster they replenish the books for free! What a blessing to the church. You could probably get these cheaper elsewhere for a buck or two, but who does this great service for the church? 

Concordia Publishing House link

Come In We Are Closed(A book that teaches about the Biblical practice of Closed Communion), Rev. Tyrel Bramwell

The Bondage of the Will, Rev. Martin Luther

The Fire and the Staff, Rev. Klement Preus

Ladylike: Living Biblically, Rebekah Curtis and Rose Adle

Dying to Live, The Power of Forgiveness, (and also) Sanctification: Christ in Action, Rev. Harold Senkbeil

The Spirituality of the Cross, (and also) God at Work, Gene Veith

The Defense Never Rests, Craig Parton

Handling the Word of Truth, Rev. John Pless

The Story of Reality, Greg Koukl

Has American Christianity Failed, Rev. Brian Wolfmueller

Man Up, The Quest for Masculinity, Rev. Jeffrey Hemmer

The Hammer of God, Rev. Bo Giertz

Why I am a Lutheran, Rev. Daniel Preus

Women Pastors? Essays gathered by Revs. Harrison, Pless

Closed Communion? Essays gathered by Revs. Harrison and Pless

The Problem of Suffering, A Father's Hope, Rev. Gregory Schulz

Law and Gospel, Rev. C.F.W. Walther

Grace Upon Grace, Rev. John Kleinig

The Lonely Way, Rev. Hermann Sasse

House of Living Stones, Katie Schuermann