Immanuel Lutheran Church LCMS
Fairview/Allen, TX

  Book Recommendation

A few books recommended by Pastor Ottmers in no particular order. 

  Being in the body of Christ is all gift.
  The Marriage Debate, Be Not Afraid

 It is not we who defend the true definition of marriage that are on the wrong side of history, but those who try to change marriage according to their desires.

  Reasons to Believe in Christ's Resurrection

What are some of the logical reasons to believe Jesus rose from the dead? 

  When and why do the angels sing? - Christmas Day Sermon 2014

It may seem natural that the angels rejoice at the birth of Christ, but this was not the first and only time the angels rejoiced! 

  Abortion, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
  Benefits of the Church Year - Advent
  Why doesn't everybody commune at your church?

 Many churches allow anyone to commune at their altar. While this may seem like a good idea, our Lord tells us that His Supper is for people who are unified in the faith.

  Why does the pastor wear a robe on Sundays?

It has been said that the way you dress tells others what you think of them. The office of pastor does not have a scripturally mandated "uniform" but what a pastor wears on Sunday mornings tells you what he thinks of you...and what he believes his job as pastor entails.

  Why do you not advertise how unique your church is?

 Many churches try to "sell" their identity to consumers by stressing how unique they are. We do not find our comfort in our uniqueness but our comfort is found in the identity of our Savior who is Immanuel, God with us.